Sunday, July 26, 2009

Get Great Teeth For Your Wedding!

If you are looking forward to your wedding but are not looking forward to having to smile at your wedding because of the condition of your teeth or gums, there's a great option you must check into.

Until recently, the choices for getting your smile back for such occasions were limited to expensive and permanent dental veneers that cost around $1000 per tooth. This option involves several dentist visits and the permanent alteration of your existing tooth surfaces. Your total cost will easily run up into the tens of thousands of dollars.

But now you can get your smile back within a few weeks with no dentist visit at all and for literally a small fraction of the enormous cost. Simply order your at-home dental impression kit from the link below. Once it arrives in the mail, you will follow a simple DVD video that explains the easy process of taking your dental impressions right at your kitchen table. Next, send back the impressions to the lab in Escondido California. What happens next is your new snug-fitting dental veneers are custom created by a lab technician to fit exactly over your existing teeth. In just a few weeks, your brand new dental veneers arrive right in your mail box ready to pop in and wear. You can even pick your own shade so your new teeth look very natural.

Not only can you get great looking tooth veneers, there are also veneers for your gums. Many people suffer from bad gums as well as bad teeth. There are gum-only veneers and also gum and tooth combination veneers and tooth-only veneers available. Follow the link below and you will find the product that fits your particular needs.

Now, imagine just how much happier you'll be when the photographer says, "smile!"

Do you have other wedding party members who might also want to get their smiles back before your wedding? For less than the price of a single permanent tooth veneer, you and members of your wedding party can get great looking smiles within a just few weeks prior to your wedding.

So what are you waiting for? You can have your kit arriving in the mail in a matter of days! It's easy and so affordable.

Click here for more information and how to order.


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