Thursday, November 26, 2009

What To Do for a Knocked Out Tooth

What to do for a knocked out tooth. When I was 7, I slipped and fell on a wooden box right on my front tooth, which killed the tooth but it didn't fall out. It turned black and I had to get it pulled. Looking back, I think I would have been better off getting it knocked completely out, because getting it pulled was as bad as falling on my tooth in the first place. So what to do for a knocked out tooth? Well, don't just assume you cannot get it to grow again. Accidents happen -- even to me and I am not too clumsy. Taking a fall on your tooth, getting hit in the teeth with a surprise fly ball (also broke my nose with one of those), or maybe you got hit in the tooth by a door and all can get your tooth knocked out. If you think your missing tooth is gone forever, think again, you might be able to save it if you act fast and do the right things.

Understand that it's very important to get you and your knocked-out-tooth to your dentist right away; delaying your dentist visit can result in the tooth not being able to get replanted.

Receiving Treatment

* Getting your tooth knocked out is a dental emergency!
* Try to have someone take you to the dentist if at all possible
* Follow the steps shown to try to save your tooth
* A dentist might be able to reattach it

Follow these steps -- in order -- and you'll have a much greater chance of saving your tooth:

1. Pick up and handle your tooth by the crown and not the root, if it's dirty, gently rinse off the root of the tooth with clean water. Don't remove any attached tissue or disturb the root -- doing so can damage the nerve and ligament.

2. As bad as it sounds, if possible, put the tooth back into its socket and hold it there by lightly biting down on some gauze, cotton ball or a moistened tea bag to keep it in place. If you're unable to put the tooth into its socket, place it in milk, lightly salted warm water, your own saliva, or place it in your own mouth between your cheek and gum if you can avoid swallowing it. Don't have kids do this if you think they might swallow it.

3. Call your dentist immediately and provide him or her with as much detail as possible about your situation. If you're not able to get to an emergency dentist right away, head to the nearest emergency room instead and don't forget your knocked out tooth. Getting your knocked out tooth back into its socket within 30 minutes will increases your success.

So what can you do if you simply can't save your knocked out tooth and you're now stuck with a gap or a chipped tooth? You're in luck. There's a really fast, really safe non-invasive way to hide tooth problems for a very low cost. A new technology in affordable diy dentistry is here.

What Do I DO After A Chipped Tooth. Don't Panic.

If you get a chipped tooth or get your tooth knocked out, take these steps and you may be able to save your tooth and still look great! If you chipped your tooth a long time ago and want to cover the tooth gap, try the new do it yourself dental veneers!


Locate the chipped tooth piece. Pick it up carefully. Inspect how much of the tooth chipped off. If it is only a small chip, you may have to simply have your dentist smooth it over so that there is no sharp tooth edge exposed.

If the chipped tooth is substantial or in fact the entire tooth is missing, immediately rinse the tooth chip or tooth gently in a solution of milk and water and keep submerged in this liquid. Do Not touch the tooth in a way that would damage any existing tissues, blood vessels or nerves.

Go directly to the dentist. Time is of the essence. Safely get yourself and your tooth being soaked to the dentist

A chipped or broken tooth can be fixed virtually invisibly.

If you do find yourself unable to fix your tooth, there is now an alternative to traditional permanent porcelain veneers.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Instant and Temporary Tooth and Gum Veneers

Introducing a new revolutionary
"DO-IT-YOURSELF TOOTH VENEER KIT"that has changed the smiles and lives of people worldwide. For about the price of a permanent dental veneer, you can get your whole new smile back!

No, you don't make your own teeth at home, you just take your dental impressions at home and send them to us. A professional technician builds your custom teeth veneers for a perfect fit. Great for quick great looking fixes for common dental problems including missing or cracked teeth, discolored teeth, covering spaces in teeth, chips, damaged teeth, as well as gum veneers for receding or unsightly gums.

Snap your new teeth right in and it's an instant new smile.
“Amazing Cosmetic Tooth Veneers and Gum VeneersIf you've wanted a new smile, but have not wanted to spend the money on permanent dental veneers, read about your choices here.

Are you one of the millions of people looking for an alternative to paying thousands of dollars per tooth just to cover your dental problems? Maybe you have a cracked tooth or missing tooth. You might have stubborn stained teeth that are embarrassing and you want a simple cost effective solution that will get you smiling again without cutting deep into your wallet. If you're without dental insurance and need a way to fix your teeth without a dentist visit, the link below will take you to a less expensive alternative.


Traditional tooth veneers or dental veneers, also referred to as porcelain veneers or dental laminated teeth are custom-made fixtures of natural tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your smile. These appliances are permanently attached to the front of the teeth after the existing teeth have been adequately roughened to accept the bonding material. The results are the changing of color, shape and size of ones teeth.

Newly available are non-permanent and non-invasive custom made dental veneers you actually fit at home with an easy to use impression kit. You send in your impressions and a laboratory technician custom builds your new smile directly over your existing teeth molds. These are but a fraction of the cost of permanent veneers yet they give people a quick and cost effective alternative.

For more information on temporary "snap in" style temporary dental veneers, please visit Snap In Teeth.

The price for a full upper set for example is less than the typical cost for a single permanent tooth veneer. And there's no dentist visit required because you take the impressions right at home and send them back to the lab.

Dental veneers can be made from porcelain or from man-made materials such as resins. These resins can be rigid to a more flexible material. Porcelain veneers do require that the front portion of the tooth be removed and roughened to receive the bonding material. This procedure is permanent and once the procedure is done, there is no going back.

Recently on the market are non-permanent resin veneers. These fixtures are made of a flexible yet resilient material that are applied with little or no dental adhesive and are easily removable at any time, and are not worn over night. Often a fraction of the price of permanent dental veneers, these temporary tooth veneers offer a quick and painless alternative to the high cost and permanence of porcelain and other systems of dental veneers such as Lumineers.
What Symptoms Make One a Candidate for Dental Veneers?

Veneers are routinely used to cover:

* Discolored Teeth -- stains from tetracycline or other drugs, fluoride stains known as fluorosis,
* Teeth that are worn or ground down
* Teeth that have been broken, chipped or knocked out
* Teeth that are misaligned, uneven, or miss-shaped
* Gaps between teeth
* Unsightly gums. This problem can also be covered with the use of gum veneers and combination tooth and gum veneer appliances. Available now on the Product page!

What's Involved in Getting Dental Veneers?

Getting a dental veneer usually requires several dentist visits. First to consult with the dentist and two more visits to create and install the veneers.

* Development of a plan. The first step is to have your dentist to determine whether you are indeed a good candidate for a dental veneer procedure. You will discuss what you would like your new veneers to accomplish in regard to your appearance.

* Tooth Preparation. To ensure a good bond, a dentist will shave off a portion of the existing tooth enamel surface to allow for the new material to replace it without appearing overly enlarged. Before shaving off the tooth surface, a local anesthetic will be applied.

* Making a model. An impression is then made of your existing teeth. A model is made of your teeth and is sent out to a dental laboratory to be fitted with a veneer. It typically is 1 to 2 weeks before you receive your veneers back from the laboratory.

* Veneer Application. Your new veneers will be examined for appearance and temporarily applied to make sure they are a good fit and are acceptable for bonding. Your existing teeth are prepared for the bonding process by scraping off the front enamel surface and etching grooves into the teeth to really give the bonding material something to grab onto for a strong bond. The veneers are cemented into place and are cured using a light-curing process activating and hardening the cement. You will return to the dentist for a follow up and ensure your veneers are being accepted in your mouth without any problems.

Fix My Teeth! Now Affordable!

* There are alternatives to the permanent dental veneers discussed above. These veneers are available in a spectrum of quality standards and appearances and one will want to research which ones are available from a quality lab.

"The Non-Permanent Denture Alternative"

* The procedure can either be done in one of two ways. There are non-permanent non-invasive dental veneers that can be fit at a dentist who offers this procedure, as well as fit-at-home impression kits. Both methods offer the same result in the end, but the latter is considerably less expensive and more convenient. These do-it-yourself dental impression kits involve the wearer to take their dental impressions at home using an easy-to-use impression kit they order through the mail. These impressions are then sent back to the laboratory where a custom set of dental veneers are created by a lab technician. The new teeth veneers are then sent back through the mail ready to wear. The veneers are also available in the shade of your choice and are but a fraction of the cost (a full set costing roughly the amount of one or two permanent veneers), and time involved with permanent tooth veneers. These non permanent veneers can be worn either exclusively by the wearer, or worn during the interim while one saves up for or decides later to invest in permanent dental veneers when the funds are available. Affordable tooth and gum veneers for ordering information.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Give a friend a new way to smile again!

I just shared these great affordable dental veneers with an old friend of mine. I just sent him to and it gave him the choices he has for getting him his smile back.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Get Great Teeth For Your Wedding!

If you are looking forward to your wedding but are not looking forward to having to smile at your wedding because of the condition of your teeth or gums, there's a great option you must check into.

Until recently, the choices for getting your smile back for such occasions were limited to expensive and permanent dental veneers that cost around $1000 per tooth. This option involves several dentist visits and the permanent alteration of your existing tooth surfaces. Your total cost will easily run up into the tens of thousands of dollars.

But now you can get your smile back within a few weeks with no dentist visit at all and for literally a small fraction of the enormous cost. Simply order your at-home dental impression kit from the link below. Once it arrives in the mail, you will follow a simple DVD video that explains the easy process of taking your dental impressions right at your kitchen table. Next, send back the impressions to the lab in Escondido California. What happens next is your new snug-fitting dental veneers are custom created by a lab technician to fit exactly over your existing teeth. In just a few weeks, your brand new dental veneers arrive right in your mail box ready to pop in and wear. You can even pick your own shade so your new teeth look very natural.

Not only can you get great looking tooth veneers, there are also veneers for your gums. Many people suffer from bad gums as well as bad teeth. There are gum-only veneers and also gum and tooth combination veneers and tooth-only veneers available. Follow the link below and you will find the product that fits your particular needs.

Now, imagine just how much happier you'll be when the photographer says, "smile!"

Do you have other wedding party members who might also want to get their smiles back before your wedding? For less than the price of a single permanent tooth veneer, you and members of your wedding party can get great looking smiles within a just few weeks prior to your wedding.

So what are you waiting for? You can have your kit arriving in the mail in a matter of days! It's easy and so affordable.

Click here for more information and how to order.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Stop Waiting For Your New Smile!

Your cosmetic veneers will be removable and reusable they will cosmetically cover most irregularities like a gap between the front teeth, stains cracked, chipped crooked and missing teeth, we can also take care of your damaged or receding gum lines due to disease or other gum related problems..

Saturday Nite Smile can guarantee you a movie star white smile with our system and save you thousands of dollars by doing part of the procedure yourself.

We feel this is a great cosmetic addition for dating, job interviews, proms, having portraits done, weddings or any other special occasions.

Our veneers are not only for special events but can be used everyday, everyone wants to look their best and there are no limits to when or where you wear them.

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