Thursday, November 26, 2009

What Do I DO After A Chipped Tooth. Don't Panic.

If you get a chipped tooth or get your tooth knocked out, take these steps and you may be able to save your tooth and still look great! If you chipped your tooth a long time ago and want to cover the tooth gap, try the new do it yourself dental veneers!


Locate the chipped tooth piece. Pick it up carefully. Inspect how much of the tooth chipped off. If it is only a small chip, you may have to simply have your dentist smooth it over so that there is no sharp tooth edge exposed.

If the chipped tooth is substantial or in fact the entire tooth is missing, immediately rinse the tooth chip or tooth gently in a solution of milk and water and keep submerged in this liquid. Do Not touch the tooth in a way that would damage any existing tissues, blood vessels or nerves.

Go directly to the dentist. Time is of the essence. Safely get yourself and your tooth being soaked to the dentist

A chipped or broken tooth can be fixed virtually invisibly.

If you do find yourself unable to fix your tooth, there is now an alternative to traditional permanent porcelain veneers.

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